Other AIAS Profiles

We can do this provided we can meet the deadline. It is like “The Washington Post” back in the seventies, all kinds of revelations about standard physics. The most active members of AIAS deserve mention in addition to those already mentioned, notably:

1) Sean MacLachlan, computer engineer, works for Hewlett Packard in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A., second webmaster of www.aias.us , owner of www.atomicprecision.com , secretary of UPITEC.
2) David Burleigh, Chief Executive Officer of Annexa Incorporated, lives and works in Arizona, U.S.A., invaluable help with voluntary posting of material and site construction of www.aias.us.
3) Alex Hill (www.et3m.net) lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico, Board member of UPITEC, runs a company that manufactures new energy and medical devices, invaluable voluntary help with typesetting of ECE papers.
4) Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe, sometime Victoria Scholar, founding editor of “Foundations of Physics” and “Foundations of Physics Letters”, Professor Emeritus University of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., well known book series in foundations of physics running to over two hundred volumes.
5) Gareth John Evans, sometime group of Prof. Mansel Davies at the EDCL, sometime University of Wales Fellow and SERC Advanced Fellow, works as an environment officer for Ceredigion County Council, author of about 130 papers and books.
6) Simon Clifford, graduate of Durham, electrical and electronics engineer, sometime Ministry of Defence, works for Malvern Instruments, and working on a prototype energy device, jazz trumpet player who makes Bix Beiderbeck sound tone deaf.
7) Douglas Lindstrom, sometime Alberta Research Council, has worked on the development of ECE theory using antisymmetry and who gave a very successful plenary last year to the Serbian Academy, resulting in acceptance of ECE theory.
8) Robert Fell, computer engineer, university graduate and construction engineer for computer hardware and software. Attended the Craig y Nos conference.
9) Charles Kellum, formerly United States Marines Corps, Vietnam Veteran, and engineer in the field of new energy devices.
10) Gari Owen, sometime member of group of Prof. Sir John Meurig Thomas, F.R.S., at the EDCL in Aberystwyth, originates from Sir Fo^n, (Anglesey), sometime Ministry of Defence and senior diplomat at the British Embassy, Washington, D. C.
11) Ray Delaforce, electrical and new energy engineer, lives and works in the United States.
12) Many others.

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