Question for SOCME

Can you please inform me what has been the outcome of the July public enquiry into the Mynydd y Gwair fiasco? The sequence of cold winters shows that there is no global warming, and that turbines are useless in the type of weather we have experienced recently, weeks of sub zero temperatures with little wind. Local, clean burning, anthracite is available in abundance and the coal mining industry is very much alive here in South Wales. I have been fighting this proposal for years and have objected formally several times, many hundreds of times on my diary here. I showed a long time ago that the mathematics of global warming are ludicrously simplistic at best, incorrect at worst. When one goes into the mathematics and physics of the previous century (, they have a tendency to fall apart. Have you a line of defence in place based on a series of legal injunctions to stop the development and its illegal destruction of environment? This should be organized along the lines of a US class action, possibly with a lawyer willing to provide services free of charge. There should be a Land Act to evict the Duke of Beaufort and to eliminate absentee ownership of land in Wales and to restrict private ownership to say no more than five hundred acres. The huge Trawsgoed Estate in mid Wales (45,000 acres) has just fallen apart, and with it the vestiges of mediaeval despotism. The Council is failing at present even to keep local roads open, pleading no money despite savage taxation, and is failing to collect refuse. This means a danger of epidemic in summer weather, vermin infestation and so on. The London Government has evaporated into pseudo-fascism, Cameron’s class ridden pipe dream.

Myron Evans
Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Gent., of Glyn Eithrym,
H. M. Civil List

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