UFT 168 Immediately Popular

UFT on the gravitational Poynting Theorem is immediately popular, despite the fact that it is very prolonged holiday time with a large and severe flu epidemic over here, with people having been frozen to their circuits for a long time. In UFT 170 I will have a new look at the theory of the Lamb shift without using the hocus pocus of renormalization, the kind of dippy stuff that standard model physics started to push out in the mid twentieth century. “Hocus pocus” and “dippy” are words of one Richard Feynman, not mine. Hans Albrecht Bethe was at Cornell, and did the first renormalization calculation. Feynman was at Cornell for a while then moved to California. Horst Eckardt and I first criticised QED in UFT 85, but I wish to develop a simpler way of dealing with the Lamb shift, and use that¬†observable of nature to see exactly how a man made circuit could trap the electric and magnetic fields of the vacuum. Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom have been doing great work on the ECE vacuum potential.

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