UFT170: Resonant Amplification of the Lamb Shift

The Lamb shift and other effects are definite evidence of the fact that there are electric and magnetic fields associated with the vacuum. These fluctuations perturb the Coulomb potential in an atom. So in theory they can be amplified by spin connection resonance to such a degree that the electron escapes from the atom, giving a source of current. I think that it is easier and more productive to use the original theory than quantum electrodynamics. For the Lamb shift quantum electrodynamics needs renormalization, which Feynman himself described as “hocus pocus” and a “dippy process”. What is needed for engineering purposes is understand how an atom or molecule may be dissociated with spin connection resonance. The Lamb shift is definitive evidence that there electric power is obtainable from the vacuum, so I will start UFT170 with a new look at the effect. It is a very small effect so needs to be amplified by spin connection resonance.

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