Re Crothers:The latest claptrap from Roger Penrose

I agree entirely with the leading intellectual Stephen Crothers. The whole Hawking Penrose era was a non-scientific, propagandist era in which ego and the desire to be noticed replaced modest study of nature. The basic error is simple to understand in good schools, and is pointed out in UFT 139 and its accompanying essay and broadcast – it is the use of a symmetric connection. The connection must be antisymmetric because it is isolated by the commutator of covariant derivatives acting upon any tensor in any mathematical space of any dimension. ECE has long ago corrected this error and is making great progress all across physics. Both Hawking and Penrose have done a disservice to science and themselves by replacing it with shallow egotism. Hawking never replied to my critical messages, despite the fact that I was appointed by Parliament. So some curb on the out of control university sector in physics is being initiated by funding cuts. The waste of money on these ideas must run into billions. That should all have been spent on research into new energy. Now it is almost too late.

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