Numerical Work in ECE Theory

These are excellent proposals by Douglas Lindstrom, who gave a successful plenary in September to the Serbian Academy of Sciences. The conference decided that ECE should be a major part of new physics. I would add only that the Hodge dual in the general four dimensional spacetime involves the metric automatically. This leads to a natural derivation of the ECE engineering model equations in terms of E, B, D and H. If E and B are defined in terms of the tensor, the appearance of the metric in the Hodge dual means that the dual tensor is defined in terms of D and H, where D is the electric displacement and H the magnetic field strength. Here E is the free space electric field strength and B the free space magnetic flux density. There are exact equivalents in gravitational theory to these well known concepts of classical electromagnetism. The Helmholtz wave equation is then defined in terms of D and H for a dielectric where the current J is zero. This in turn defines the refractive index, dielectric permittivity and loss of the dielectric, and links up with notes 165 to date. I am working on these ideas now, and I think that notes 165 are enough for three new papers: one on R spectra, one on the phase and group velocities, one on the Helmholtz equation in ECE. These will be UFT 165 to 167.

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