Feedback for, Nov. 2010

There was the usual massive amount of worldwide interest in the site. I estimate about seven hundred university visits during the month.To date, 30th. November, there have been 15,884 distinct visits, 73,205 page views, 110,055 files downloaded (hits), 6.255 gigabytes, 1,919 documents read from 103 countries, led by : US, Russia, Germany, France, Mexico, Britain, Colombia, Canada, …. This month there is a new feature of the feedback, essays and broadcasts feedback. All material on the site was read. Up to today there have been 23,420 visits to the influential blog or diary of since monitoring began a few months ago. Added to this will be returns for the other ECE sites and as usual the total will be added and archived. These returns are posted on quarterly. This month there were visits from the British and Spanish Parliaments, and from schools, showing that ECE theory and its criticism of the old physics is understood at that level. There was interest in all essays and broadcasts, in English and Spanish translation by Alex Hill and colleagues.

cc Welsh Assembly


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