British University Visits in November 2010

Those identifiable were from: East Anglia, Brunel, Cambridge (Catherine’s, Churchill, CSX, Newnham, Computer services, Corpus Christi, Jesus College, NAT), Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Glamorgan, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Imperial, Kent, Liverpool, London Queen Mary, London Metropolitan, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford (Churchill, Corpus Christi College, Jesus College, New College, physics (many), St Edmund’s Hall, St Anne’s, St Catherine’s, Worcester College), Rutherford Appleton, Southampton*, Swansea, University College London, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), and York. Also British Library, Royal College of Art London, and some schools such as Westminster School, a leading public school, Bedford, George Watson College Edinburgh. This is the thin edge of a staff / student wedge, because one cannot identify students using a private computer. Each distinct visitor may return many times. So there is a complete rejection of the standard model of physics throughout Britain by staffs and students. Britain is generally regarded as being among the best countries for education. This system was exported through the Commonwealth and many other countries. All this in only one month. The * denotes more than one computer from the same URL.

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