The Major Criticisms of CERN in my Second Letter to David Cameron

There are many scientific criticisms of CERN, in fact the whole of the ECE theory can be seen as major criticism, criticism accepted across the whole community of scientists and engineers.

1) CERN searches for the Higgs boson, but adheres to a U(1) sector symmetry for electromagnetism. There is a multitude of criticisms of the U(1) sector, notably UFT 131 onwards and by many other authors for many years. My Omnia Opera since 1992 peppers the U(1) theory with criticism. No progressive scientist uses the U(1) sector symmetry any longer.
2) The Higgs boson is ill defined therefore, and in view of UFT 158 onwards the whole basis of twentieth century physics has been refuted comprehensively, repaired by R theory, and transformed into a new physics.
3) If CERN proponents still talk about black holes they should learn some basic geometry, read UFT 120 and “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”, make themselves aware that the old general relativity has been refuted through its neglect of torsion. Big bang is also obsolete and the ECE scientists were right all the time. The leading independent critic of the old physics (apart from the well known ECE scientists) is Stephen Crothers of Tasmania.
4) ECE theory has replaced the standard model entirely, with the basis of the standard model in shreds it is no use talking about going beyond the standard model and go along its obsolete ways.
5) CERN is hugely expensive, it is greedingly consuming money urgently needed for other research. This is grossly irresponsible and will eventually bring about a backlash against it.
6) The standard fringe has been behaving illegally and / or abusively and the PM will be made aware of this.

I will put these points to the Prime Minister again in a detailed letter. The problem that has been identified by the last round of correspondence is that the Prime Minister has no technical or scientific knowledge, referred my first letter to a Ministry which referred it to CERN, which rolled out the same old stuff again. The fact that the Higgs boson has not been found and does not exist was not even mentioned. This means that the entire purpose of CERN has been covered up. The US and Austrian Governments are fully aware of this, the British Government is controlled by its obsolete CERN type advisors. So when the energy crisis really begins to bite, try burning bosons, or in the worlds of one Queen, “let them eat cake”.

cc Welsh Assembly Government

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