Curvatures for atomic H transition

These are very interesting results again from Dr Horst Eckardt. They show that every transition in atomic H will have its own R pattern which can be used for spectral analysis. The same is true for all atomic and molecular spectra. So this is the first description of atoms and molecules in terms of general relativity as corrected by ECE theory. The basic equation is very simple and is the absorption equation itself:

E2 – E1 = h bar omega

but with considerations of conservation of linear momentum included for the first time. The concepts are simple and clear. Compared with this flood of new results from ECE theory, something like CERN is a complete waste of time and about as exciting as growing grass. It may have produced technological spin offs, but there are cheaper ways of doing that. It is important to criticise all these white elephants because they seriously inhibit real science. The US Government has pointed towards this conclusion.

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