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The British Civil List Scientists

September 23, 2010

They are not easily found, but I did a lot of research on them. They include:

1) Sir Isaac Newton (Sinecures, Warden and Master of the Mint, 1696 and 1699). Not the modern Civil List but similar.
2) Sir William Herschel.
3) Sir James Ivory.
4) Robert Brown.
5) John Dalton.
6) Michael Faraday.
7) James Joule.
8) Sir George Airy.
9) John Couch Adams.
10) Mary Fairfax-Somerville.
11) Sir William Rowan Hamilton.
12) Oliver Heaviside.
13) Alfred Russell Wallace.
14) William Denning.
15) Frank Wilde
16) Myself.

There are a few others too but not many. A complete list can be found from the House of Commons Library.

The most well known literary people include: Byron, Wordsworth Tennyson, Moore, de la Mare, James Joyce, MacDiarmaid, W. S. Graham, Vernon Watkins and others.

There is a book on the net a report by a Barrister hired by a committee chaired by Tennyson.

Rebuttal of Buckingham

September 23, 2010

This letter of 1st August 1993 records the thirty ninth rebuttal of Buckingham, who started a behind the scenes campaign against basic symmetry laws of physics and tried to block my second reply to Barron. Both invoked a symmetry law (“complete experiment symmetry” ) which has been rejected by leading physicists many times, and was rejected at the time. This campaign started as soon as I was appointed a tenured full professor at UNCC, so it is obvious who was responsible for spooking the UNCC administration. So the UNCC condemnation is a condemnation of Buckingham (now retired) and Barron. Attached to my letter is the ethical practices code for editors and referees. This has collapsed completely by now.


Documents for the British Web Archives

September 23, 2010

I have almost finished archiving these now. These are essential for objective and truthful history. This is absolutely necessary for civilization in any era and any country. Since I am at the top of my profession now, they reveal clearly that “the powers of evil were exalted” – every obstacle imaginable was put in my way as someone who cares for the Welsh language and is not afraid of saying so. These messages are all on the blog of and David Burleigh will very kindly post them in his spare time as CEO of Annexa Inc., of Arizona, USA. It is up to the Assembly to do something effective. I advocate closing the University of Wales, retraining its staff in the Welsh language, followed by examinations for fluency. Until that happens the so called “University of Wales” is a false authority as the Puritans would have said.

FOR ACADEMIC INJUSTICES : Letters from Coffey and Kobayashi

September 23, 2010

These are letters from William Thomas Coffey and Takayoshi Kobayashi accepting the B(3) field. Coffey is scathingly critical of the closure of the EDCL, but does not address the root of the problem, which is concentration of power in the hands of corrupt individuals or ruthless, purely selfish, careerists. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (the Puritan Daniel Webster, who communicated with the Devil and knew his ways: “The Devil and Daniel Webster”).


Independent Profile drawn up by Odense University in Denmark

September 23, 2010

This was drawn up in 1995 and is a pleasing assessment. So Odense can be said to have delivered the verdict on UNCC in a logical and unbiased manner. Subsequent events have reinforced the Odense conclusion, which is essentially: “….. highly qualified researcher who could considerably enhance the research profile of Odense University.” It is given in full on the document attached to the following note on the blog. One of the most telling condemnations of UNCC ran as follows: “The powers of evil are exalted: it is astonishing the extent to which pure evil has subverted the contemporary university system.” In all there were twenty six independent condemnations of UNCC, plus many more since then. The common pattern at UCW Aberystwyth and UNCC was that only one or two individuals were able to cause all the damage, the rest stood by and did nothing in the face of blatant lying, with the exception of Gareth Evans, Dan Davies of the BBC Mid Wales, and Kerry Pendergast, my biographer. In consequence the university system in Wales is rejected as a false authority over individual liberty of thought.


September 23, 2010

This is a summary of intense condemnation of UNCC and details of what occurred. I would like to demand an enquiry by the Governor of North Carolina.


FOR POSTING ON HOME PAGE: Notes from Kielich and Zeldovich

September 23, 2010

These are notes from two of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century: Kielich and Zeldovich, describing the importance of the B(3) field. Kielich’s note is dated March 1992, a few months before he died during the production of “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, first edition. Along with Vigier’s support, and those of many others, this makes B(3) definitive. It was also inferred independently by Horwitz et al, Lehnert, Barrett, and Harmuth et al., using four independent theories. It is difficult to overemphasize the rubbishy nature of the attacks on B(3).



September 23, 2010

This is a list of debate papers on B(3). History has shown that these were personal attacks from academics, because three or four other groups inferred B(3) independently in similar formats, and were not attacked. Academics frequently have little or no knowledge of the subject that they pretend to profess, so they are a form of false authority over the individual scholar. The emptiest vessel makes most noise. It is seen that these people were frightened enough not to allow me the right of reply, and were in violation of basic standards of scientific ethics. Prof. van der Merwe comes out of this very well, as can be seen from the number of times he allowed a logical reply to trash science. He has not actually been removed as editor of “Foundations of Physics”, he is the chief editor emeritus. Dr. ‘t Hooft tries in vain to give the impression of being an editor, and publishes rubbish papers – more ad hominem attacks. The colleagues world wide are intelligent people, and are not fooled by the antics of a biased individual. QED and QCD are open to severe criticism, and are worthless to science.


Development of Theory since the Nineties

September 23, 2010

There has been a great development of the theory since the nineties, until we have now reached UFT 155, which is the first time that photon mass has been shown to be essential to a theory. In all previous work, the photon mass was given as less than some quantity, ten power minus n kilograms, where n varied by many orders of magnitude from 52 to 68. Although Croca and his group have shown that the Heisenberg Bohr relations have no meaning, there has been no definitive experiment until UFT 155 to show that either the Heisenberg Bohr or the de Broglie version is correct. So there has been a mere exchange of views. That is not Baconian natural philosophy. So I tended to distance myself from the endless Copenhagen / Realist debate in order to concentrate on experiments that really show something new in a simple way. I have evolved my own thinking and it now stands on its own. Because of all the ad hominem attacks in lieu of proper science, I have grown exceedingly cautious about those with whom I correspond. This group has evolved through years of mindless and false e mailing from the loonie fringe of physics, so is a group of veterans. Conversely I feel no need to correspond with those who have caused me so much trouble in the past, quite deliberately, and with infinite cynicism. Their obscurity is their reward.


September 22, 2010

This is the final part of this 122 page monograph, which although written in the nineties, and superceded by ECE theory, is recommended reading on photon mass.