Thanks to Staff and Students for Their Interest

Thanks to tens of thousands of university staff and students worldwide for their continued interest in ECE theory. Attached are the preliminary feedback activity data for September 2010, found at the end of the attached 160 page overview file as usual. This now covers well over six and a half years of daily monitoring. I advise staff and students to organise their own conferences on ECE theory, following the Mexican student initiative (next posting) and Serbian Academy plenary. For Sept 2010 for (one of the several ECE sites) there were 73,007 hits, 41,071 page views, 12,249 distinct visits, 9.045 gigabytes downloaded, 1,911 documents read from 96 countries, led by: USA, Britain, Russia, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, Mexico, ……. There were several Government visits, and on a local level one visit from Bwrdd yr Iaith, the Welsh Language Board, the future of the language being one of my primary concerns. Also interest in the genealogy as well as the science, particularly in “Latest Family History”.

The other important ECE sites are, ,, and the site is archived at the National Library of Wales in, linked to all important library archives in Britain. This means that all this material is permanently archived for posterity, notably students, tomorrow’s scientists and tomorrow’s society. The returns for the other sites will be in shortly and will be added up as usual.

The diary hit a record high on 12th September 2010, and to date in 2010 has accumulated 18,226 viewings on all subjects: science, poetry, genealogy, and Welsh affairs.

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Gentleman,
H. M. Civil List in Britain,
U. S. Dual Citizen

bcc Welsh Assembly Government


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