Er Cof am William John a Gwenllian Evans

Er Cof am William John a Gwenllian Evans

Dan y trum a dan y trwch, – yng nghwm mwyn
Yng nghwm mud gorweddwch,
Clawdd y llan yn claddu llwch
Yn ei hudd, yn ei heddwch.

This is the traditional englyn in memory of my grandparents, who deserve better than complete obscurity. This is the cynghanedd art developed by my ancestral cousin, the greatest of bards, Dafydd ap Gwilym (fourteenth century). The intricate rules of this high art forbid direct translation into any other language, but its bare meaning can be scanned into English as follows. The scan loses everything else, rhythm ,metre, rhyme, cynghanedd, and the intricate and unique rules of the ancient englyn unodl union, but conveys poetic meaning. Some words are repeated twice in memory of both of them, this is done within the rules of cynghanedd.

In Memory of William John and Gwenllian Evans

Under the steep hillside, under thickness of earth, – in a mild valley,
In a quiet valley lie,
The church’s hedgegrow buries dust
In its shadow and in peace.

I will ask the surviving Grithig children if they think this is suitable.

Glyn Eithrym

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