Subsequent Correspondence

What is meant by “subsequent correspondence”. In my experience bureaucrats like Harries are almost entirely unresponsive because they have nothing to say scientifically and are unable to assess my work in any meaningful way. We already have an agreement in place with potential investors if and when we have a product. Alex Hill’s company already has many products, but a bureaucrat like Harries is again unable to assess the importance of these devices. I think that all he can do is roll out the old dogma about global warming, dogma that has been shredded into quarks. All he can do is to advocate more wind turbines, which have already met with the fury of the People. Representatives and bureaucrats are servants of the People, not the other way around. Also, he has no knowledge of the Welsh language and lives and works in London. What relevance does that have to Wales and its chronic high unemployment? Hugely successful science like ECE, produced in Wales, seems not to be understood by the Assembly at all. I work directly for Head of State, but I am not a civil servant, I am a true scientist and descended from the Princes. So I am not inclined to send any further e mail to this man unless he replies – it is a matter of every day politeness. I have found a similar lack of response from bureaucrats who advise the London Government. So the Government is leaderless and ineffective. The London Government has dubious validity in Wales, in which it is a small minority. The ancient Princes did a lot better, and were more democratic than what we have now, unelected government. Proportional representation still has not been introduced, neither has compulsory voting.

Glyn Eithrym

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