The Nobel Prize

To Gari Owen :

I have been told quite often (truthfully / reliably or not) that I have been nominated for a Nobel Prize, but I regard the British Civil List appointment as of much greater import, as does almost everyone else who is a careful thinker. The Civil List pension over the years accumulates to something similar to a Nobel Prize. Distinguished nominators have kindly nominated me again this year for a Wolf Prize, and agreed to nominate next year for an open competition Liversidge Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry of London, one of the very rare open competitions. I already have the Harrison Memorial Prize and Meldola Medal displayed here at home, anyone is welcome to visit. These days they carry a substantial prize. If I am allowed open competition, I would have a good chance, having produced an unprecedented impact (attached) about two thousand papers, books, and other material. In Wales I am not allowed to compete openly, otherwise I would blow away all opposition inside UW, like the Irish Warrior Hero Cu Chulainn (Hound of Colin) bursting the cauldron. Please excuse blowing of own trumpet, these are verifiable facts, no idle boasts or gorhoffedd.

If Wales is ever to grow up as a Nation it must bring itself to recognize its own scholarship if everyone else does. If you know of any open competitions, please let me know.

Diolch yn fawr yn flaenllaw,
Thank you in anticipation,


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