Summary of UFT155

This is a summary of UFT155 which should be added to the numerical section once Table 1 has been completed. It is a shocking indictment of the various false claims to have verified Einsteinian general relativity, claims to precision that that still go on despite many refutations.

1) Einstein did not evaluate the relevant integral correctly, as can be seen from Table 1.
2) Light deflection is still not known accurately. The various NASA claims are based on time delay, which in UFT 155 is found to be very inaccurate, nowhere near the NASA claims.
3) The photon mass method is the best method to date, and contains no errors.
4) The astronomical data needed to evaluate Einstein’s E2 are not known with enough accuracy. G and M are not known accurately, and GM varies. Also, R0, the sun’s photosphere radius, varies a lot.
5) Standard physicists who make these claims are unable to dialogue with critics. This site contains much historical evidence of ad hominem attacks.
6) The Marmet group of University of Ottawa has made many more detailed criticisms, and have done for years.

I will type this up for the final version of UFT155. In the attached table I have suggested some more numerical computations which can now be carried out to very high precision using the methods developed by my co author Horst Eckart. Funding for such false claims should be stopped and switched to research of use to humankind, notably the taxpayer.


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