Feedback for, August 2010 to date

Attached is the file to 30th August, the full returns will be in tomorrow as usual. There was the usual very intense worldwide interest in the site. There were 84,477 hits, 50,300 page views and 12,237 distinct visits. There were 9.844 gigabytes downloaded, 1,973 documents read from 95 countries, led by USA, Russia, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Mexico, Australia, ……… Visits from the Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, New South Wales and India. This file records maybe 1 to 2% only of the huge total interest (recorded in full on computer). In this file I manually select the feedback of what I think is highest quality – universities, institutes, large corporations, government and military facilities. It can be seen clearly that this interest will continue unabated for years ahead, because we can extrapolate from data accumulated over six and a half years. Blog visits to date for 2010 are 15,434.


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