Eight Year Trend for ECE Theory and Precursor Theory: Unique Visits per Month

I drew this graph by hand of the eight year trend in ECE theory back to 2003, and one further year back to the start of the www.aias.us website. Using the attached data, AIAS members of staff may like to graph a variety of trends accurately for www.aias.us over eight years, for example: unique visits per month, hits per month, and page views per month. The combined total is shown by the squares in this graph. The combined total is for www.aias.us, www.atomicprecision.com, and www.upitec.org. I have been accumulating these feedback data for eight years daily, using five feedback sites. The combined total has been accurately available for about fourteen months.

This graph shows the emergence of a new physics, called ECE physics, making the old twentieth century physics thoroughly obsolete. For many years, the old physics has not been used in other disciplines, being totally unworkable in for example chemistry and engineering, biochemistry, medicine, and genetics. For the first time we can see exactly how a new physics emerges historically. The driving force behind the new physics has been the AIAS school of thought. The graph shows that the funding of physics at present is severely out of balance, a lot of public money being wasted on ideas that are quite easily shown to be wrong, and insufficient support for the new physics which progressive thinkers around the world find so interesting. The trend also becomes clear, the new physics is not going to go away, it will be studied intensively for years to come.

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