Eight Year Feedback: Page Views and Hits per Month

This is the eight year feedback for ECE theory on www.aias.us in terms of page views per month and files downloaded (hits) per month, and also combined hits per month over fourteen months. The quality of the feedback is also consistently of the best, as monitored in the 154 page overview file. This graph shows that the interest in ECE has been steadily increasing over eight years. The comparative impact table on www.aias.us shows that this level of interest is by far the highest of any comparable institute or any other new theory of physics. Usually a department of physics of the old variety only gives a hit counter, which it often mixes up with a visitor counter. More often than not the department gives no indication at all of immediate interest in its work, and rolls out the old dogma in journals reserved for that dogma. That is why academic physics as a subject has declined so sharply in the past fifty years.


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