Anomalies Removed

In preparing the eight year synopsis of feedback activity, (see following postings), I removed anomalous spikes such as those in Sept. – Nov. 2006 caused by link spammers illegally taking advantage of the fact that we made the feedback sites accessible. David Burleigh removed the link spamming by securing the feedback sites. After removing these spikes of interest the underlying trend is steadily upwards over eight years, indicating a tremendous level of interest by any measure. This implies a complete and overwhelming professional rejection of the narrow specialists who are funded so lavishly at present for theory now known to be wrong. It also implies a professional condemnation of the way in which a tiny minority of these people have resorted to personal attacks and attempted misrepresentation of ECE theory. People like this do not deserve to be funded publicly, or for that matter by corporations, and do not deserve to hold posts in universities. They have been rejected and condemned repeatedly, not only by professions such as chemistry and engineering, but also by a barrister, who described them as pejorative and wildly irresponsible. This amounts to academic misconduct. This misconduct brings some parts of academic physics into disrepute. Their attempts to brand ECE and myself on wikipedia have backfired completely upon them. The anomalous spikes can be seen in the attached monthly synopsis.


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