Posted Potter Information on the blog

I posted this on the blog. The Thesis is best found by clicking on reference 6 of the wikipedia entry on Penwyllt. The link I gave is broken, so I removed it. I also fixed some typo’s. William John Potter was born at ten past six in the morning of Dec. 3rd, 1856. His father David’s diary is in Brecon Museum as described in the following blog posting. Several Potters worked at Craig y Nos Castle, (as did my grandmother Gwenllian Potter), so Patti, being of course a world renowned singer, would have appreciated David’s singing. It is known that she invited ordinary people to her private theatre if they were serious about music. My parents attended the private theatre often, (long after Patti died in 1919), but I was not taken. So I first saw the interior of the castle when I was in my fifties. I felt quite at home there, despite the commercialization. Patti’s favourite composer was apparently Beethoven, also my favourite composer.

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