Physics Split into Two Subjects

Physics is split into two major subjects judging by feedback, standard and ECE, old and new. From feedback an extrapolation of interest can be made for years ahead – it is going to be very intense. To serious scholars, standard physics is regarded as any other obsolete type of physics. Standard physics was based on Einsteinian special relativity (still more or less intact), Einsteinian general relativity (now known to be incorrect fundamentally), Copenhagen quantum mechanics (now refuted experimentally and rejected by Einstein, de Broglie, Vigier and many other leading thinkers), string theory (constantly and heavily criticised as completely unscientific, having produced nothing new), gauge theory (which has fallen apart in the post B(3) era) and dark matter (regarded as a fudge factor). Standard journals have become irrelevant, having been replaced by high quality websites. This is the verdict of well over a million distinct visits over seven years to the ECE web sites. So big prizes, jobs and funding should be made available to proponents of the new physics.

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