Blog or Diary of by Sean MacLachlan and Webteam

This has been a great success, there are just over 15,000 viewings from 1st January 2010, adding to the millions of accumulated hits from the ECE sites:,, and I estimate order of ten million hits in the seven years of the ECE theory (2003 to present). The site is archived in the National Library of Wales on as an outstanding British website. I would like to ask Sean MacLachlan of Hewlett Packard in Boise, Idaho, USA to experiment with a wordpress site of his own to see if the blog can be archived permanently. It has over eight thousand messages and it is of great importance that these be archived permanently and not lost. There are four Trustees for the site: David Burleigh, Sean MacLachlan, Horst Eckardt and Robert Fell, so the four Trustees may like to look into making the blog institutional and permanent by downloading from wordpress on to a file, then adding that file to This has already been achieved for I will also be working with the British Library and the Hugh Owen Library Aberystwyth to complete the Omnia Opera on

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