The Personal Attacks

These should not have occurred of course, but this loonie fringe of academia has no influence on new thought. They did a lot of personal damage, destroying my career twice, at Aberystwyth and UNCC, and destroyed my first marriage. However I am now happily remarried and the AIAS Institute is the leading institute by accurate measures of impact. It has received three high honours of the British Government. I am still without salary, though, and since being forced to resign from UNCC in 1995, have scraped together a living while working voluntarily for science, notably new forms of energy and counter gravitation, but also many other aspects of science. I am still not allowed even to apply for academic funding in Britain. The Civil List Pension is the highest honour that can be bestowed in literature, the arts and science by the British Government, apart from Order of Merit, and is much older than the Order of Merit (O.M.). It is now meant to be an honorarium, not a real pension, and is currently two thousand pounds a year. Working from Craig Cefn Parc here has proven to be highly productive, something akin to Dylan Thomas working at Laugharne. However, the great poet Dylan Thomas (now the most popular of the twentieth century in the English language), never had to face the manic animosity and devilish cynicism which I have met with logic and the help of enlightened colleagues.

cc Welsh Assembly Government
Rt. Hon. Martin Caton M. P.

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