Obsolescence of the Citation System

The citation system must be regarded as obsolete in theoretical physics in view of the fact that it is restricted to an obsolete and incorrect theory. The whole paraphenalia of the academic system in standard theoretical physics has been comprehensively rejected by implication of the huge interest in ECE theory. The real time feedback system has replaced the citation system. I also had problems with Prof. Sir Granville Beynon at Aberystwyth, whose citation record is now difficult to find with a microscope. Apart from some boring lectures from him as a freshman, (not only my opinion), I met him only once, when he was personally very hostile at a reception given to me by Sir Goronwy Daniel. Again I could not say anything because it was in such vulgar bad taste, delivered in the presence of Lady Daniel, the grand daughter of Lloyd George. Sir Goronwy was very angry at Beynon, who said in a boorish way that I was too young for a D. Sc. he just said “You’re too young.” There are a few reposts, such as “so was Dylan”, or “so was Jagger”. I have never been able to see the relevance of people like Beynon to the ordinary people of Wales. So I was being told as a post doc that a) I was too young; b) should not write anything. It was the physics department of Beynon and people like him which destroyed the much superior chemistry department at Aberystwyth. It is healthier to keep clear of such academic infighting. This is actually what I tried to do by concentration on research.

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