Feedback for for July 2010

As usual I send around the summary of highest quality feedback on the last day of the month before the relevant file is overwritten. This is followed up shortly by the complete feedback for the month from,, and This summary, for July 2010, is found as usual at the end of the attached 150 page overview file of roughly 1% of highest quality feedback such as universities, government departments, large corporations, military facilities, organizations and individuals. The huge complete feedback is backed up on computer and available on request. Our running twelve month total of files downloaded now exceeds one million for alone, well over two million a year for the four ECE sites,,,, This month the three talks I recorded on proved popular, the most read paper being UFT 153. The family history is also proving popular. This work has been recognized by various high honours of the British Government, and AIAS is now the world’s leading institute of physics by any measure. We use fully computerized and highly detailed measures of interest in real time. It would be possible to do a Ph. D. Thesis on the attached file alone. It is a unique record of how a paradigm shift occurs in physics, having been collected now for over six years daily. The feedback sites are prepared by the CEO of Annexa, David Burleigh. Annexa Inc. is the host company for, which I own. The site is archived continuously at the National Library of Wales (, and the British National Archives. By implication, the attached is a massive rejection of the obsolete physics known as “the standard model” and a rejection of the obsolete methods of academia. The feedback is of key importance in showing the unprecedented worldwide impact of ECE theory, 2003 to present.


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