Department of Chemistry at Cambridge

It is important to write truthful history, so I am embarking on a truthful autobiography. The attempts to destroy my academic career were due to a small number of individuals, nearly all of whom worked at Chemistry in Cambridge. These were Howard Purnell, Jeremy Jones and David Buckingham. There are many other problems with Cambridge – for example Swinnerton-Dyer and his wholesale destruction of small departments. The Welsh Assembly should make sure that the internal affairs of education in Wales are not interfered with. All of these people are now retired and from citation I can see little lasting impact in their work. The problems with Buckingham started when I was British Ramsay Memorial Fellow back in the seventies, when he wrote to my Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies to try to get Mansel to make me publish less. Instead Mansel (sometime Fellow of Peterhouse Cambridge) showed me the letter and did nothing. Later Buckingham and John Thomas asked me to go Cambridge while I was at Bangor. There again Buckingham was unhelpful and hostile, making some ethnic remarks that clearly angered John Thomas. Buckingham was pulling rank, so I could not do anything about it. Finally Buckingham was responsible for UNCC, along with Barron. The Buckingham Barron symmetry theory is completely wrong, it conflicts with the basic symmetries of physics. Howard Purnell was responsible for the closure of EDCL in Aberystwyth, and Jeremy Jones for eventually losing the EDCL and partially responsible for losing the chemistry department at Swansea. Now the Assembly is in control of education in Wales this kind of personal hostility is hopefully no longer possible. I hope that no young post doctoral will ever be subjected to this kind of treatment again. I out competed Oxford and Cambridge many times, and I do not accept the doctrine of merit by association. The contrivances at UNCC – blatantly false accusations and so on, should become a matter of an enquiry by the Governor of North Carolina. I would welcome such an enquiry. The work that UNCC destroyed, or tried to, is the one which is currently making the impact – ECE theory. The Welsh Assembly should take advice from all aspects of academia worldwide, and should ensure that all its staff are PERSONALLY fluent in the language. Replace those staff who refuse to learn the language, ensure a quota of about 75% of staff from Wales. There is plenty of talent in Wales.

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