155(1) : Conservation of Energy, Momentum and Angular Momentum in Metric Theory

To begin the three author paper 155 on conservation of energy / momentum / charge / current density it is shown straightforwardly that all metric based theories conserve H, E, L and p. In note 155(2) the analysis will be extended to the Newton and Coulomb laws, and mixed law. So all the laws of physics derive from spacetime with conservation of energy, momentum, charge density, current density, and other conserved quantities of elementary particle theory. In the vacuum, note carefully that H, E, p and L all vanish in general relativity. ECE theory in all forms always conserves H, E, p, and L, and also charge /current density and so forth. This has been proven in many ways and this note gives a particularly easy way to see this result. No aspect of ECE involves “perpetual motion”.


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