Call for Referenda on Wind Turbines

In view of the recent poll by “Le Figaro” which showed 61% of France against wind turbines, I call for Referenda throughout Europe on the future of wind turbines. Experience in Denmark and Germany has shown already that they are ghastly end expensive failures, wholly uneconomical and ineffective. The Danish Government has admitted to this failure of its wind turbine policy, and Denmark has the greatest density of wind turbines in Europe. I call for the re establishment of a modern and safe coal mining industry in Wales. In my opinion there is no global warming, and carbon dioxide does not cause runaway global warming. The local Mynydd y Gwair profiteering proposal for huge wind turbines has been thrown out by forty votes to one of Swansea Council, 95% polled popular opposition, twenty opposition groups from all over South West Wales. These turbines would have obliterated much of the unique ecology of Mynydd y Gwair, and the proposal was also thrown out ( by the responsible planning directorate. Any interference in this essentially unanimous democratic decision would cause intense outrage. I mention this because of the ultra cynical appeal by the developing corporation against unanimous democracy. This shows the underlying danger in our times of remote dictatorship.

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