FRS and All That

I am often asked why I am not an FRS. The answer is I don’t know, but there is no need for me to be an FRS because the RS has already nominated me for a higher honour than FRS, appointment to the Civil List. Similarly I am asked why am I not a Nobel Laureate. I don’t know, but a national high honour has greater merit than a Nobel Prize, the latter is based on a private bequest. These things are very subjective, but dryly and wrily I note with humour that these question suggest that I should be an FRS and Nobel Laureate. I wouldn’t like to argue with that. I am enjoying my work and very happy at the impact it is making. We are set for a record number of visits again this month to this site. It seems that the Nobel Prize is only for a particular school of thought in physics, while the national honour is more open minded.

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