Open Letter to First Minister Rhodri Morgan

Dear Mr Morgan,

I would like to refer your staff to the source documents on , documents which reveal discrimination against me by the University of Wales in respect of employment. I may test this soon with a Court case. I am a fluent Welsh speaker and the most senior scientist in Britain in many respects, but all my applications for employment within the University of Wales have been systematically rejected since about 1978, a span of over thirty years. This is obvious ethnic discrimination for which the University may be sued. Recent case law has shown that events that took place within the University of Wales form 1978 to 1983 would now be considered to be a common assault (bullying or repeated verbal and psychological abuse). My distinguished contributions to Britain as a whole have been recognized by now with two British High honours, but I am still locked out of the University of Wales. This is obvious discrimination against Welsh speakers inside Wales. In fact hardly any member of staff of the University of Wales is able to speak Welsh. There is a need for a true University of Wales in which all its staff members are fully competent in the Welsh langugae.

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Gent., B. Sc., Ph. D., D. Sc. (Wales).
British Civil List Pensioner in Science,
President A.I.A.S.

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