Einsteinian Era Over

The typeset version of paper 139 will be posted shortly, and many thanks to the Alex Hill Company. This paper also contains an introductory essay for the general public and non specialist. The geometry used by Einstein unfortunately contains many sequential errors due to the basic error, the use of a symmetric connection. A more careful scholarly analysis than that given in the textbooks shows that the connection must always have the same antisymmetry as the commutator of covariant derivatives, and a commutator is antisymmetric in its indices by definition. An ECE based general relativity and cosmology has already been developed in the papers on this website, so scientists have a choice of adhering to incorrect concepts or using a plausible new general relativity based on Cartan’s differential geometry. The various demonstrations of ECE theory are quite simple to understand, even for the non specialist. Many demonstrations check themselves as described in the following postings. If errors in science are not acknowledged, the subject ceases to be science.

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