Devices by the Alex Hill Company

AIAS Fellow Simon Clifford of Malvern Instruments recently visited the Alex Hill company in Mexico City ( and was kindly shown a range of devices by Alex Hill. Simon Clifford was satisfied that they worked as specified, and they bring in a new era for energy hungry human kind. These devices are years ahead of any competition, and specifically, there exists an energy saving device for street lighting and similar. There are plans to build devices at Malvern and elsewhere using parts supplied by Alex Hill. These devices have also been observed by other AIAS Fellows, and also by civilians at the US Navy. The spin connection resonance theory was developed in response to these experimental results. Alex Hill kindly mentions the ECE theory on his website. The ECE theory is a plausible explanation of the devices in outline, we claim no more than that. The older Maxwell Heaviside theory has no explanation for them. Spin connection resonance is a straightforward theory based on Euler Bernoulli resonance as in the various papers on this website.

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