Paper 139 Posted

Paper 139 has been posted on the fundamental errors in the Einsteinian cosmology introduced by the use of an incorrect connection symmetry. It is simple to show that the connection must be antisymmetric in its lower two indices, as reviewed in paper 139. The latter contains an introduction designed to be understandable by the non specialist, followed by four technical sections giving examples of numerous errors in the Einstein field equation. The paper also points out that the Einstein field equation is hopelessly unable to describe galactic dynamics, and were it not for the fudge factor of “dark matter” it would have been abandoned forty years ago when astronomers discovered the velocity curve of a spiral galaxy. ECE theory describes spiral galaxies quite easily without the use of dark matter, and ECE contains none of the errors in geometry that Einstein made. These were errors that were made by mathematicians of Einstein’s era, because the commutator method of generating curvature and torsion was not known then. It appears that Cartan was the first to infer torsion in his differential geometry. Torsion and curvature are differential forms defined by the two Cartan structure equations. ECE theory is the first to realize fully that the connection is always antisymmetric. A symmetric connection as used in the old cosmology is always zero. The reason is that the connection in its lower two indices has the same well known antisymmetry as the commutator.

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