Metrics of the Einstein Field Equation are Incorrect

Due to the fact that the Einstein field equation used the incorrect connection symmetry all metric solutions of the equation accumulated over the past ninety two years since its inception are also incorrect. This fact will be made clear in a forthcoming book: “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (Abramis in prep.). The first metrical solutions of the Einstein field equation are still those that are mainly in use to claim, quite wrongly, that there was a Big Bang, rejected by Hoyle and others as is well known to the general public. The first solutions to be discovered were by Schwarzschild in 1916. These solutions do not contain a singularity, a study of the original 1916 solutions will show that. Also, they are now known to be solutions to an incorrect equation, the Einstein field equation, so are meaningless. There is no basis therefore in the theoretical claim of Big Bang, and indeed books full of experimental evidence against it. Likewise the Friedmann Lemaitre Robertson Walker metric is incorrect, as shown in papers 93 and following on this site using computer algebra. Black hole metrics are shown to be incorrect in paper 120, again using computer algebra to work out the complicated formulae. A string theory metric was tested in paper 120 and shown to be incorrect. These incorrect ideas are kept going through the fact that major chairs of physics are held by the physicists of the old school. There has been a sudden and fundamental change of paradigm in physics, splitting the subject in two parts, ECE and standard model.

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