The Collapse of Standard Cosmology

The collapse of standard cosmology is easily seen through eq. (4) of the attached paper 137, an equation which shows that the Riemannian connection is antisymmetric, not symmetric as in the failed physics of the twentieth century. The connection takes the symmetry of the commutator, and if a commutator is symmetric (its indices are the same), it is zero by definition. So a symmetric connection as used in the standard model is zero by definition. This is a wholesale disaster for the old physics. It means that there is no big bang, there are no black holes, no dark matter, no dark flow. In consequence of the use of an incorrect connection, the Einstein field equation is incorrect, and no predictions can be made based on that equation. Any nonsense website or nonsense paper that claims a symmetric connection should be discarded by the thousands of university students that study this site every year. As can be seen from the following posting, nonsense papers can be forced into print, and made to appear as if they are genuine physics. ECE has been well accepted worldwide for a number of years (we can see this using feedback software, attached) and ECE makes no basic mathematical errors. I cannot recommend that any student go into physics as it is at present.




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