Professor Alkiviadis-Constantinos Cefalas

He is an AIAS Director and Director of Research in the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Institute of Theoretical and Physical Chemistry, Athens. He is the Greek national representative for nanotechnology in the EEC. On 20th October 2008 he invited me to submit a paper to a journal special issue on a nanoscience topic, and indicated that his colleagues and himself were aware of my pioneering work in ECE. On 21st October 2008 he was of the opinion that ECE would provide solutions to many problems in nanotechnology, for example self-assembled pattern stability in the 1 – 10 nm range, nanocrystallization, and the decoding of the laws and processes of building unit blocks. He is an eminent scientist and wikipedia’s characterization of AIAS as a virtual institute is meaningless. AIAS is one of the world’s leading institute of theoretical physics and associated subjects.

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