Precise Point of Collapse of the Standard Cosmology

This is the use of the incorrect connection symmetry (paper 122), equivalent to the use of zero torsion. In 2007 it was discovered using computer algebra that the metrics of the Einstein field equation do not obey the Bianchi identity (paper 93). In my shorthand notation (see this site):

D ^ T := R ^ q


D ^ T tilde := R tilde ^ q

This necessitated a complete rewriting of cosmology, available in papers 93 onwards. The standard model of cosmology has collapsed, and we are waiting for the main protagonists of that model to admit to failure. If they do not, I cannot recommend any student to go into theoretical physics. They can still go into astronomy of course, provided they use a correct theory such as ECE to interpret results. This is a wholesale disaster for much of physics, which has a long history of trying to cover up inconvenient facts. As early as 1918 Schroedinger and Bauer independently warned that something was wrong with the Einstein field equation. In 2007 this became glaringly clear by use of computer algebra based directly on well known geometry. It is futile and entirely wrong for these standard physicists to use a so called “encyclopedia”, wikipedia, to attack their own colleagues. There is a backlash against theoretical physics in consequence, and intense interest in ECE theory (attached evidence).

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