Caution Concerning "Physica Scripta"

This journal recently published a blatantly incorrect article which absurdly asserts that a frame of reference is not Lorentz covariant. This was in the context of an attack on the B Cyclic Theorem, which is equivalent to the complex circular frame of reference itself. Basis elements transform covariantly, as is well known in a textbook such as S. P. Carroll and in paper 89. Disturbingly, this journal did not allow a reply to this absurd article, and it seems as if the referees were known to the author. They were certainly not competent scientists. An attempted reply of mine was disallowed. In fact I recall that my submission was just ignored despite several reminders. So I am left with no choice but to recommend against publishing in this journal, and against subscribing to it. In 2004 its impact index fell as low as 0.656. In 2005 it struggled up to an ordinary 1.240. This happening was touted by the Institute of Physics as a triumph, being up from an abysmal 0.656 to an ordinary 1.240, 88%. In 2009 it has slipped back again to 0.970, but this was not mentioned by the Institute of Physics. The Institute of Physics itself is coming under the microscope because it is known that it confines submissions of papers to the obsolete standard model. There is a great amount of empty propaganda, but students easily see through this. I would not wish to see anyone going into standard theoretical physics these days, so empty is it of any scientific meaning. No engineer or doctor uses strings and dark matter

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