Fiasco to Farce: Collapse of Standard Physics

The farcical failure of the Frascati experiment to observe virtual particles means the need of quantum electrodynamics, with its unscientific contrivances and the end of standard physics. This is the latest in a string of hyperexpensive failed experiments: Gravity Probe B, LIGO, CERN and the attempt to observe the so called background radiation.The conduct of the old standard modellers has also been appalling in its intolerance of new ideas and failure to admit glaring errors in the old theory, its corruption and abuse of the refereeing process, and its illegal harassment of scientists of the new school, its rigging of prizes and careers. The ECE vacuum is self consistent and defined in a new and powerful paper by Eckardt and Lindstrom (attached) that gives rise to many new concepts and brings together ideas coherently. This paper finally dispels with virtual particles, which have not been found in the Frascati experiment. I predicted that there are no virtual particles at no expense to the tax payer. A previous claim at Frascati has been retracted in a farcical manner (see posting of yesterday on this blog). ECE now dominates theoretical physics as anyone who can play around with google keywords will see. Therefore the standard model has collapsed into pseudoscience kept alive by the need to generate public funding to keep alive sinecures, soft jobs with no purpose.


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