Papers by Eckardt and Lindstrom and by Lichtenberg

These are important new ECE papers that have been posted on this blog and will eventually appear in the main part of this site. The paper by Lichtenberg is unfinished as yet but its first sections are important. The first paper by Eckardt and Lindstrom makes several important discoveries about the properties of the electromagnetic potential in the absence of fields. The ECE vacuum is filled with a primordial electric voltage cA(0) and this is the source of Tesla resonance via spin connection resonance. As the CNRS Frascati experiment (next posting) shows, there are no virtual particles, these do not exist in nature. In ECE I reject all unobservables as non-Baconian, and one by one, these icons of the obsolete twentieth physics are being refuted by new experiments, or theoretical advances such as ECE. Standard physics is so ossified that it takes half a century to reject these old ideas by direct experiment, often at huge expense. QED has been replaced by ECE paper 85, which heavily criticises QED and its offshoot, QCD. Dirac is well known to have rejected renormalization long ago.

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