Experimental Refutation of the Heisenberg Principle and Virtual Particles

These unobservables of the obsolete physics have recently been refuted yet again by the PVLAS collaboration at Frascati National Laboratory in

arXiv: 0706.3419v3, 22nd Nov. 2007

an experiment which directly refutes the claims made by

W. Heisenberg and H. Euler, Z. Phys. 98, 718 (1936).

This is a terrible fiasco for the obsolete standard model of physics, and another failed experiment to add to a long string of failed experiments which consume tens of billions. The CERN experiment has already failed, because its theory is obsolete, but whole national budgets are tied in to this useless white elephant.

In view of the fact that the B(3) field has been recognized by the unique high honour this century of the Civil List pension, (see later blog postings), and has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, as reliably advised yet again this year, I should point out once again that I BASED B(3) on experimental data, the magnetization of matter by circularly polarized radiation (the inverse Faraday effect). The resonance equivalent of the IFE (RFR) has also been observed, as long ago as 1982 by Barrett in J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Comm. using inverse Raman scattering This is why B(3) has received so many nominations, as far back as 1992 it was thought worthy of a Nobel Prize by Mansel Davies, Jean – Pierre Vigier, John Wheeler and Stanislaw Kielich, and accepted by these eminent scientists and many others (see attached file of unprecedented interest in ECE). A paper on B(3) was accepted by the holy grail of physics, Phys. Rev., in 1992, but was suppressed, a well known scandal by now. It turns out that B(3) like theories were formulated by Barrett, Lehnert et al., Horwitz et al., and Harmuth et al. This makes the UNCC incident a major scandal of the twentieth century in physics.

All kinds of attempts have been made to suppress B(3) and ECE theory, the most vulgar being on wikipedia. There has been harassment, there have been fraud sites, and there have been hyper expensive failed experiments. So physics has a subject has lost nearly all credibility. I think that funding should be switched to chemistry, engineering and allied subjects. On this blog I have posted many anti wiki’s putting the record straight.


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