Harassments, Animosities and Lock outs

In view of the preceding posting I think that these will go into the dustbin of history, they send missives of zero intellectual content and insult both Queen and Parliament. They do not affect the logic of geometry and do not affect the progress of my work. I have been locked out of the so called “University of Wales” because in 1977 I refused to take up a job at Swansea, I job that I did not want. I won a SERC Advanced Fellowship in open competition and stayed at Aberystwyth, where for five years the utmost pressure was applied to me to leave. The person responsible for that, Jeremy Jones, lost his department only three years or so after I left. By some obscure behind the scenes machinations, he was allowed to “transfer tenure” to Swansea, where a few years later his department again closed. He has apparently disappeared. That was the most mindless episode I have ever seen, even worse than UNCC if that is possible.The notorious Swansea job was corruptly offered, and I loathed that corruption. The person responsible for that corruption was the late Howard Purnell, whose characteristics were the familiar ones of ruthless personal careerism. Since then every application I have made for tenure in the UW has been rejected, even though I am a fluent Welsh speaker and now the only Civil List Pensioner and the scientist from Wales who is making the greatest impact (attached data). This impact is known in great detail and is very accurately measured. The harasser “Arthur Dent” was warned by the police and identified as an imported UW academic of the type that cares nothing about the Welsh language. A lot of trouble is caused by people like that.


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