15-31 July 09, USA to www.aias.us

As usual this is the two weekly selection from the higher educational, government, military and major corporate sectors, * denotes different individual visits from one URL. Each URL may indicate several visits by an individual.

Carnegie Mellon, Cornell*, CSU Santa Barbara, Dartmouth, Drexel*, Georgia Tech., Georgia State, Harvard, Indian River State College, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Mercy, Providence, Penn State*, Rochester IT, Rochester Univ., Stonybrook, Alabama Birmingham, UCLA, U Conn., Maryland, US Naval Academy, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Los Alamos, NIH, US NOAA*, NSF, Pacific Northwest National Lab., Princeton Plasma Physics, Sandia, US Airforce Edwards, US AF Eglin, US AF Robins, US Army WVA, US Navy NMCI*, Beverly Hills, Center for Communications Research West, Cumberland Organization*, Jefferson National Lab., Northwest Ohio Computer Services Cooperative, Newton Wellesley Health, Boeing, Honeywell, IBM Thomas J. Watson, Lockheed Martin*, Microsoft*, Raytheon, Siemens Transport.

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