Policy towards Systematic Harassers

The AIAS / TGA policy towards systematic harassers is to ignore them and block them electronically. These have been identified as retired or near to retirement individuals who are corrupting science with fraud. After five and a half years of feedback data have accumulated, it has become clear that the overwhelming majority has rejected them outright. They are no longer regarded as scientists, but are suspected to be felons. There is no need to study their material or rebut the material, because it is fraudulent mathematics. When this systematic harassment first started some years ago I gave many rebuttals, for example paper 89. The latter has been intensely studied for more than two years, and I have received no objection to paper 89. The harassers are able to use corrupt editors to force some of their stuff into print, these papers should be just ignored. For example one such paper claims that a frame of reference is not Lorentz covariant. This nonsense was forced into print in “Physica Scripta”. If any reader is still concerned with any point of Cartan geometry or ECE, please feel free to e mail me. The harassment shows how corrupt the standard system of physics became. This has been realized recently, and B(3) nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. So things are slowly but surely recovering, and science is free discussion again. Th eworst aspect of all this is that harassers are allowed to work at univeristies, and allowed to draw salaries for suspected criminal activity. Cynical editors who cited these harassers for their own obscure purposes may be dismissed historically.

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