Selected High Quality Feedback

In the months leading up to my appointment to the British Civil List on 28th February 2008 the high quality feedback to began to break record after record as the interest in ECE grew rapidly. This interest has been sustained to present, and only last month we set a new record again. This means that ECE has been accepted as the leading avant guarde theory of physics. These feedback data are unique, and are a detailed historical record of the emergence of a new theory. From 2006 onwards we began to keep a record of the entire feedback, which runs to tens of millions of hits and we are in the process of making this record more detailed than ever. This record is backed up on off web hardware and from mid 2006 the selected feedback is recorded every two weeks on this blog. The selected feedback records the top 1 – 5 % of what I judge to be the best quality feedback. All leading universities regularly study ECE. Set against this there are only three active harassers, all of whom have been cautioned and disciplined. It will take me some time to complete the book of feedback, and it will be a unique document. For the selected feedback for the year 2004 see a recent posting on this blog

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