Harasser "Arthur Dent" Cautioned by South Wales Police

A harasser alias “Arthur Dent”, whom we traced to Barry near Cardiff, has been identified by the South Wales police and formally cautioned. He was found to be a retired academic. The police know his identity and address now and he is on file. Normally such a caution would result in dismissal for academic misconduct. It is well known that systematic harassment of scientists who do not agree with standard physics occurs by e mail. The harasser “Arthur Dent” used the same dirty box of tricks as other known harassers who gave also been formally cautioned, for example a retired person called Gerhard Bruhn, who is still allowed to use facilities at TU Darmstadt. This box of tricks includes making complaints of “pseudoscience” to employers, and these same harassers are responsible for the wikipedia entries on ECE. These entries are therefore worthless and unobjective, as is well known. A person called Akhlesh Lakhtakia of Penn State University Park is known to be in regular contact with Bruhn. In view of the South Wales police action, a strong complaint against Lakhtakia was sent to the District Attorney of Centre County Pennsylvania yesterday, and copied to the South Wales Police. Therefore a clean up of the web has been initiated. Any scientist associated with such harassers compounds a felony and has no professional credibility.

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