15-30May09 : Europe to www.aias.us

Vienna, Liege, EKK Bulgaria, CAS Czechia, CUP Czechia, CVUT Czechia, UPC Czechia, FU Berlin, HJST-HS Germany, HMI Germany, KFA Juelich, Litef, LRZ Munich, Albert Einstein Institute, Siemens Company*, Karlsruhe, Kiel, MAgdeburg, regensburg, Unity Media Group, IOC Estonia, LOU Estonia, IFAE Spain, Ovi, Helsinki, Tontut Finland, ENS Lyon France, French particle physics lab., INIST, Poitiers, Rennes One, OTE Greece, AMIS Croatia, Rubicom Hungary, Magnet Ireland, Wizman Israel, ENEA Italy, INFN Rome One, UNFN Turin, Milan Polytechnic*, ICTP Trieste, Bari, Calabria*, Catania, Pisa*, Parma, Rome One, Turin, Laisvas Lithuania, VU Lithuania, NGN Latvia, ICE Norway, NTNU Norway, Torun* Poland, Warsaw, Lisbon, UTL Portugal, DCN Romania, SBB Russia, KHT Russia, Moscow, Su Sweden, TRE Sweden, ITU Turkey, Iyte Turkey, Metu Turkey, Thirty three British university visits durin May, for 15 – 30: Bournemouth and Poole, Newhall Cambridge, Durham, Essex, Leeds, Manchester, Christchurch Oxford, physics Oxford, Scottish Agricultural College, University College London, BBC …………….. cc PM’s Office


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