The New Potential Symmetry Relations.


Subject: 131(14): The New Symmetry Potential Symmetry Relations.
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 06:36:07 EDT

Attachment: a131stpapernotes14.pdf

These are given by eq. (1), and are of profound importance. They are easily proven as in eqs. (1) to (9) and in this note are used to refute the basic axiom of the standard model’s U(1) gauge theory of electromagnetism. This is what I did with B(3) theory at Cornell in 1991, published in Physica B in 1992. This work of mine has been recognized by other groups, internationally by unprecedented interest in ECE, and by two high honours of the British Government (2005 and 2008), and by the award of a TGA gold medal and prize in 2008. However, the discovery of eq. (1) is even more important because it pervades the whole of modern electrical engineering. This is just a simple U(1) level illustration, which I will shortly extend to the O(3) and ECE levels of classical electromagnetism. There is no way in which any unified field theory based on a U(1) sector symmetry can be anything except meaningless dogma, a paralysis of scientific thought.

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