Fwd: Paralysis of Thought by Dogma


Subject: Paralysis of Thought by Dogma
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 04:45:42 EDT

This is surely the way to summarize the late twentieth century in physics, after such a brilliant start in quantum mechanics by Einstein, Schroedinger and de Broglie. It is simple for anyone now to show the dogmatic nature of cosmology and electrodynamics in that obsolete dogma, it just cannot be called physics any longer. In the twentieth century, dogma became an industry, and a system of funding was established that was essentially self-perpetuating. So instead of just simply accepting the fact that the Einstein field equation has had its day, my guess is that the dogmatists will either try to ignore the huge amount of interest in ECE theory, or try to construct incomprehensible pseudo-mathematics with which to attack real mathematics that is obvious to all. The end result is a an almost unbelievable waste of public money and effort. It is time for responsible government to cut funding for obvious dogma, and redistribute it to chemistry and engineering. It is indeed frustrating to see science slipping back into the dark ages.

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